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    Why Choose Us?

    A choice that makes the difference.

    Courses, Questions & Tests

    Various assessment methods such as participation in class, completion of assignments and quizzes, and a final exam to measure their language proficiency.

    Student At Center

    At the Italian Language School the student is at the center of attention, with tailored lesson plans and personalized teaching methods catering to their needs.

    CELI and CILS Center

    In Singapore we are the only qualified to administer the CELI and CILS exams, internationally recognized certifications that prove proficiency in the Italian language.


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    Culture and Education news with a lot of Italy.

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    Our Students Say

    What real people said about the Italian School by Italian Association of Singapore

    Carmelita Ceria

    “Had a great lesson with my teacher, Sofia! She’s a very knowledgeable teacher and She made learning italian easy and fun!”

    PingPing Han

    PingPing Han

    Co-Founder | Strategy & Go-to-market

    “Maestra Cristina is a wonderful Italian teacher to my class. She is patient, generous in her time spent teaching us (sometimes we overrun the length of time assigned to class whilst online), and Cristina is very enthusiastic in her lessons. Definitely recommend Cristina as A1.1 class teacher to anyone looking to receive an introduction to Italiano 🙂 Mille grazie Cristina!”

    Angela Ng

    “I have just ended my Italian A1.1 – Beginner, and it was an enriching experience learning with 3 others and grazie molto to a very dedicated teacher. Cristina is thorough and provides us essential notes for easier referencings – Constantly encourages us to ask questions when in any doubt. To add spices into her lessons, she’d share interesting bites such as her faved pasteries & recipes from time to time. During COVID19, she ensures all of us participates in reading, speaking and listening to audios as suggested in the text book. Just a little suggestion though, that at the end of every lesson, it’ll be good to have a little quiz or exercises for us to recap what we have learnt (in some lessons, she did let us work on such exercises). I’m highly recommending, Italian School of Singapore, as the right place for your first step into learning the beautiful Italian language.”


    Denise Mathew

    “I just completed my A1.2 course with Sofia at the Italian School of Singapore. She was very accommodating and helpful throughout the course, and even before the course commenced as I wasn’t sure which course was most suitable for me. Her lessons were very interactive and encouraged classroom speaking which I thought really helped with my learning! She also cleared my doubts even outside classroom hours which was very kind of her. Definitely a teacher who goes beyond her job.”


    Alpana Keertikar

    Risk Manager

    “I have attended the Italian Language Course A1.1 with teacher Cristina in the morning and I’m going to follow up with the second third of the A1 course. The teachers are super kind and always ready to help the students with suggestions and stimulus. Absolutely I recommend the Italian School of Language by the Singapore Italian Association. Besides young and good team.”


    Stojan Budimirovic


    “At the Italian School of Language I started with basic course even tough I’ve studied already in past and I appreciated the speed and classes and the follow up done by the teachers. I attended and still attend evening classes 7-9pm which is perfect setup after working hours. Because of work schedule I had two hours a week and a recall of half an hour at home keeping the study of language in line.”

    Cynthia Lee


    “I had time only in the morning and with the school we have found the course and timing for me. Teacher Cristina and Anna were part of this fantastic team. I’m glad to say I enjoyed the course and I have learnt more then only Italian language rudiments but also interesting aspects of them culture.”

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