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The Italian Language School in Singapore passionately promotes Italian language and culture. It has evolved to offer diverse courses and cultural events, fostering an enduring love for Italy in Singapore.


The mission of the Italian Language School in Singapore is to provide high-quality, immersive language education, fostering a deep understanding of Italian culture and language, empowering students to communicate effectively and confidently.


The Italian Language School in Singapore strives to imbue students with a deep love for Italian culture, language, and heritage. We create a supportive community where students thrive and excel in mastering the Italian language and its rich cultural tapestry.

Meet Our Team

Discover our dedicated team of instructors, all native Italian speakers, passionate about teaching and sharing their language and culture.
Simona Gentili

Simona Gentili

Italian teacher
Simona Gentili, an enthusiastic Italian language teacher at the Italian Language School in Singapore, is known for his expertise in educating young learners.
Giada Boschi

Giada Boschi

Italian teacher
Giada Boschi, a dedicated Italian language instructor at the Italian Language School in Singapore, specializes in teaching children.
Elisa Biancotto

Elisa Biancotto

Elisa's dedication to her students' success is evident in her customized teaching methods and commitment to their progress.
Beatrice Cavalleri

Beatrice Cavalleri

Italian Teacher
Passionately teaching, Beatrice uses her experience to create immersive learning experiences that transcend virtual boundaries.

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