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The Italian Conversation Course offered by the Italian Language School is a focused program designed to enhance students’ speaking and listening skills in Italian. The course spans a total of 24 hours, with classes held once a week, each session lasting 2 hours.

The primary objective of the course is to improve students’ ability to communicate effectively in Italian through interactive conversational activities. Emphasis is placed on developing fluency, vocabulary expansion, pronunciation refinement, and cultural understanding.

Throughout the course, students engage in lively discussions, role-plays, debate sessions, and real-life scenarios to practice using Italian in various contexts. Topics covered include everyday conversations, travel experiences, social interactions, cultural events, and more.

Experienced instructors guide students in honing their speaking and listening skills, providing feedback, corrections, and tips to improve conversational proficiency. Multimedia resources, audiovisual materials, and authentic materials such as articles, songs, and videos are also utilized to enhance learning and expose students to different dialects and accents.

By the end of the Italian Conversation Course, participants can expect to have significantly improved their ability to converse comfortably in Italian, express their ideas fluently, understand native speakers better, and feel more confident engaging in Italian-speaking environments.