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Italian Citizenship via Marriage and the Level B1 Language Test.
We all know that in order to secure Italian citizenship you have to pass the examination minimum B1 Level and above. Many people are curious as to how do we prepare for these papers and do well from there? Well, here’s where we can help!

More about the exam:

 The Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana, or CELI, along with the CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera), covers all six levels of linguistic competency of Listening, writing, oral, grammar, lexicon, reading

 The CELI is issued by the University of Perugia for Foreign Affairs

 They are valid both in the employment and academic spheres, so it is much easier to land jobs as the certifications are recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 CELI certificates do not have an expiry date!

How to Smash the CELI B1 Exam?

It is not necessary to sign up or follow a specific language course to pass the CELI exams, but these classes definitely help you improve to a significant level in terms of competency and confidence.

You can take with us an online course, or with our tutor attending the language school. But regardless of the approach you take to study, it is important that you are well prepared with respect to the level you want to achieve in both writing and speaking.

Most importantly, prepare yourself, plan your schedule well!
If you’re not in a rush for time, you can consider doing an online course together with also self-study with various Italian language books available also at our school. And it may be another good and more efficient solution an in-class Italian language course of course our private tutors will help you study at your own pace! That is of course only if you have a lot of time before your Exam date!

Consider making some Italian friends over online but also within the Singapore Italian Association in order to practice communications. Most Italians are friendly, and might even teach you specific lingo and how to get your way around things!

Take assessments, practice papers or tests/quizzes to improve your proficiency!
There are many tests available to help you get a gauge on how you’re doing!

If you’re running short of time before your Exam, we highly recommend attending specific courses or having one of our professional tutor to guide you along. These tutors provide in-depth and customized one-to-one classes, they also evaluate the students in their competency levels and design their classes to teach the language in the way the students find easy to handle, at whichever proficiency stages they are at.

Shine your Italian language and mash the B1 level!

More importantly, the tutors know the CELI/CILS exams from the inside out, and they can definitely help you prepare better for them! Consult Us! Get a lesson from us!
At Italian School, we help you learn the language with confidence. Our CELI exam preparation is backed by thousands of hours of teaching and learning, with award winning instructors and our world class curriculum providing face to face lessons! We offer classes that are online and easy to follow, to offline, face-to-face groups and
customized private lessons!