10 Latin expressions used everyday

Many consider Latin as a dead language. Is it true?

Here are ten Latin expressions Italians use in everyday life, but not only Italians.

Following English, Spanish and Mandarin, Italian is the fourth most studied language around the world, as explained by Ludovica in a previous post. Sometime, when you start to learn a new language, learning by heart new words and new grammar rules may be frustrating. However, do not worry because you already know ten Italian expressions, that actually are Latin, that italians use in everyday life.

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1) Ad hoc: “made for this.” An object, person, or tool perfectly suited for that task.

2) Post Scriptum: “after writing.” A note placed at the end of a letter or a document.

3) Propaganda: “things to spread.” The act of spreading a set of ideas and/or the organization promoting it.

4) Agenda: a notebook or a device with a calendar. Also, a list of things that need to be done.

5) Veto: the right to refuse to accept something.

6) Bonus: an extra amount of money that you weren’t expecting. A prize, incentive.

7) Alias: pseudonym. E.g., Sofia Villani Scicolone, alias Sophia Loren.

8) Tutor: protector, defender. A teacher or a senior student that helps younger students.

9) Sponsor: a person or a company that supports an event/project by giving money or moral support.

10) Campus: the complex of buildings, land and sports equipment belonging to a University.

Whenever you study the Italian language, always remember that you already have 10 Italian words in your vocabulary.

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