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The Italian Crash Course offered by the Italian Language School is an intensive program designed to help students quickly grasp the fundamentals of the Italian language. The course spans a total of 48 hours, with classes held twice a week, each session lasting 2 hours.

Throughout the course, students are immersed in various aspects of Italian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural nuances. The curriculum is structured to cover essential topics such as greetings, numbers, basic conversation skills, verb conjugation, sentence formation, and more.

Emphasis is placed on interactive learning methods, including group activities, role-playing exercises, listening comprehension tasks, and multimedia resources. Students also receive personalized attention from experienced instructors who provide guidance, feedback, and support to ensure a productive learning experience.

By the end of the Italian Crash Course, participants can expect to have a solid introduction with sounding foundation in Italian language basics, enabling them to engage in simple conversations, understand commonly used phrases, and navigate everyday situations with confidence.