Tutoring Italian Language and Culture

When it comes to tutor Italian language and culture it comes natural to link the language to it’s culture. Italian is currently the 4th most studied language in the world, there has been a major interest in recent years for learners from all over the world to learn this language which originates from the Latin language. In the Italian language you can observe the culture, identity of a country which has almost two millennia of years influenced by different cultures and developments that have brought Italian to be a well established language rich in lexical, stylistical and structural  linguistical context.

For me as a native Italian teacher I use a variety of combinations of approaches to ensure that all students’ needs are met and that the passion for Italian language motivates for both tutor and students to excel, celebrating the beauty of the Italian language a melodic form of communication that sounds as you were “singing”. I myself as an Italian tutor often follow the communicative approach and the task-based method to ensure students grasp the essential and details of the Italian language itself.

I want to make sure my students are able to communicate in Italian as soon as possible by making progress steadily and improving step by step, day by day in a pace which doesn’t slow them too much or speeds them up too quickly, asking and answering questions, making requests, describing, narrating and comparing, discussing, explaining, debating …

My approach is learner-centered to motivate students by giving them some control over the learning process and create that interaction between tutor and students that is fundamental for an ideal learning/teaching environment. I employ a wide range of materials either online or hardcopies, and I like to create my own materials which allow me to meet specific objectives of the students and to analyse in depth the cultural aspects assimilated in the Italian language itself. I always create a relaxed atmosphere to allow my students to reach their objectives in a comfortable way.

I’m passionate about my work because I love my native language and I also love the fact that people find Italian and Italy so interesting and beautiful. I think learning a foreign language is an exciting and challenging way to travel across a culture while enjoying yourself along the way, especially when it comes to tutor and learn Italian and it’s linguistic expression which reflects the beauty and history of it’s important heritage known worldwide. To be a tutor of Italian language is to be a tutor of life “a mentor” of it’s beauty in terms of oral and written communication, an enrichment of expression, communication, style and cultural greatness.

Experience Italy: Cultural Highlights

The Italian Language School (ILS), owned by the Singapore Italian Association Limited, a no-profit and non goverantive Italian Association, every 2 weeks delivers Italian language courses run by qualified Italian mother tongue teachers. Courses online and at the ILS venue at walking distance from Dhoby Ghaut, Somerset and Orchard Road MRT stations, and each class includes 4-8 students.
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