Italians at Restaurant!

When Italians are at the same table, they are absolutely fun and friendly and in somehow with them we are always involved in healthy and pleasant laughter.
Usually, when eating inside a pizzeria, the dynamics that exist among them, are quite similar. In fact, basically the waiter will have to pass at least twice at the same table as the first time he will soon be “sent away” with the typical sentence: “excuse me, could you come back later? We are not ready”.
Once you reach the moment of ordering, you will be able to observe how people have one or more modifications to bring to their pizza.
“I would like a margherita pizza with addition of black olives” “sorry margherita pizza also for me but without basil and with addition of shrimps” “I would like a Napoli pizza instead, please … no, no
sorry on second thought I’ve changed my mind: please add a third margherita but with buffalo mozzarella”. The waiter will continue with all subsequent orders, bearing in mind for each individual customer it will take time and patience and that, anyway, thanks to his professionalism too, he will take his leave with proper education.

Most likely not even queen Margaret of Savoy could have made so many modifications to the pizza that had been dedicated to her by the Neapolitan pizza chef Raffaele.
There are so many scenarios involving Italians as protagonist. The various experiences they are led to live, give their behaviour a strong and marked Italian identity.
Often these behaviours can generate misunderstandings so much so they can be interpreted as a lack of culture, ignorance. But are we really sure this is the case?
In front of famous frescoes as “the last supper” by Leonardo da Vinci (1494-1498) or “the creation of Adam” by Michelangelo Buonarroti (datable to 1511), Italians rush to enjoy so much beauty and depth, challenging endless queues of several hours even against the blazing sun.
They comfort their exhausted children who cry because they no longer want to wait in line and because they prefer to play. Italian parents instead want to stay there, promoting the heritage of Italian culture and pass it on to future generations.

Then suddenly a child asks a completely unexpected question:
“Daddy, daddy, why do those gentlemen point at each other?”
The father replies “wait here with your mother!”
After several minutes of waiting the father reappears, after paying a supplement to the standard ticket and he carries the audio guide.
After all, Italian families are just like that: they are always available and eager to give their best to their children.

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