• JUNE 2025

    In pipeline the completion of the first and unique Italian School of Singapore primary cycle. With help and love of all the community we could reach this point not that impossible, not that far.
  • SEPTEMBER 2020

    The Singapore Italian Association has in pipeline to open the first of ever Italian School having onboard the first class of Kindergartner and the Primary One.
  • MARCH 2020

    Once again happy for the completion of them Italian Language course at Italian School of Language by Singapore Italian Association.

  • University for Foreigners of Perugia

    January 2020 CELI Certification

    After a long process of submissions and reviews on our documentation, syllabus, location and team we have received from the University for Foreign the greenlight to be CELI certification entity.

  • May 2019 Italian Language

    In May 2019 taking back the promotion of language as done in past year the Italian School of Language within the Singapore Italian School accommodate the new students in the new location in Orchard Road.

  • 2018 more than only language

    Following the work done in the previous years we had on board Language courses, plus sports and golf courses with Italian ex-pro trainer.

  • vatican city in Rome Italy

    2017 Italian & Chinese Courses

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  • March 2016 CAPOEIRA LAUNCH

    A group of young Italians organised for the first time a BBQ in East Coast Park where everything has started and the beginning of this long lovely story.

  • Nov 2015 cuisine courses

    In November 2015 for the first time we have organised Italian Cuisine courses for a wide set of different job positions and also italian food lovers.

  • October 2015 Chinese courses

    On May 2015 the Italian Association of Singapore for the first time within the Italian community launched the Chinese Language Courses. Students from allover the wolrd took part in the courses reaching also good result on speaking Chinese.

  • 6 june 2015 grand opening

    On 6 June 2015 the Italian Association has the Grand Opening. Formed by 300 members with a base of circa 32 Funding Members.

  • 8 april 2015 Italian Association ros approval

    The Registrar of Society approves the registration and opening, as a society, no profit and also non-governative, Italian Association of Singapore.

  • Nov 2014 board meeting

    After two years of warm-up the group of young parents and friends decide first to fund the Association. At that time also the name was not that clear, few months later the Italian Association of Singapore has been formalized.

  • June 2014

    2014 was the year! Where everything has been consolidated from every point of view. Within the creation of the Italian Association of Singapore there was already at very early stage the seed of Italian School of Singapore lately formalised.


    The group never stopped and in 2013 launched 2 times BBQ and several aperitifs. The young Italian community was growing up and stable situations and setup were growing.

  • November 2012

    A group of young Italians organised for the first time a BBQ with the community in East Coast Park where everything has started and the beginning of this long lovely story.